Sunday, October 9, 2016

Meyers "On Perfromance" cdr

Sparsely over the course of the last decade I've been able to perform my music in Minneapolis with venues varying from art galleries, bars, and basements. In these different spaces I've had to adjust my music over the years to suit the atmosphere of each venue. With audiences composed of people with varying degrees of interest in my music—quieter sound and sparse arrangements did not work in a live setting. As a performer I've had audiences range from appreciative, to apathetic and aggressive—the very first show I played featured an audience member who threw a punch at the promoter in an attempt to end my performance. Over the years each space and audience in this city has affected my approach to performance. 

"On Performance" is a composition for live performance presented in 3 parts that attempts to meld the audience with the performance. "On Performance" is a mix of synthesized music and unprocessed audience recordings for live performance. "In Performance" is a live performance processed from the previous compositions audience recordings. "On Performance (Variation)" is the first composition repeated with processed and arranged audience recordings. The intent of these compositions when performed live is to make the audience consider their participation in the performance, complicit or not. 

—Justin Meyers

On Performance (9:27)
In Performance (9:05)
On Performance (Variation) (9:27)

All source material live and synthesized recorded Spring—Winter 2015. Thank you to all in attendance.

"Woo" by Jack Callahan

"In Performance" recorded live December 23rd, 2015 at Honey, Minneapolis, MN

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