Sunday, July 19, 2015

New cd-rs

Two new cd-rs available below: 

Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan "Live at the Roxy" cd-r

Recorded March 14th, 2014. This stands as the duo's only live performance in three years time. It holds all new works from an, as yet, unrealized album.  Performed to an audience of ambivalent teenage girls with their boyfriends in tow.

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Luminous All Kudler "Salvia Dante" cd-r

The CD started off as trying to test the flexibility of some Super Collider code I had written as well as see how far I could get with some new code that was more in line with the general aesthetic idea I had for these recordings. Well, can I make music that sounds like this using this code which is not so good at, well, making this kind of music. I was happy with the results of two extended jams I recorded, but thought that they kind of dragged so I started splitting them up and moving them around. Since the release was going to be a CD-r I could make individual tracks that wouldn't all run together, like on record or tape, as well as focus a little more on specific digital sounds and more quiet sounds that get lost on aforementioned analog media. I got a little carried away with the fun of making tracks, so all the tracks ended up on the shorter side so I could slam more onto the disc. The softer, more spacious (not spacey!) approach I took on these recordings reminded me of field recordings and fun exercises with my mouth I had been recording on my phone so I put those in as a sort of pallet cleanser, but also to highlight the difference between the crackly softer noisier digital sounds recorded well, and the crackly softer noisier acoustic sounds recorded as poorly as possible. Non-pitched sounds take a lot of forms, noise takes a lot of forms. I didn't want to get harsh, but I wanted to check out some different noise and make some well defined improvisations at the same time. I used what I always use and what is at my disposal: Super Collider code I write, some recording software, my cell phone and my body. All these things that are all extremely interconnected and at this point part of the same organism that constitutes the person Ben Kudler, me.

I'm happy to talk more about specific coding practices and objects used for anyone interested,

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